Reducing the Impact of Non-Native Species in Europe

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Pseudorasbora parva
Pseudorasbora parva


Q-Bank is an online library of plant pests from a variety of taxa ranging from pathogenic bacteria to fungi and insects. The online database holds information on the ecology, biology, morphology and identification of over 700 species. 

RINSE has helped expand this library to include over 50 invasive plants posing a potential threat to ecosystems across the RINSE area. For each plant, factsheets have been designed and created with information on the species biology, reproduction, control and management as well as useful identifying features.

Thanks to RINSE funding, these sheets have been produced in three languages (Dutch, French and English) allowing the information to be available to a broader audience. For particular problematic species, such as many invasive aquatic plants, more detailed control guides have been produced in Dutch and English.

Q-Bank Factsheets

To view these outputs and learn more about Q-bank, please visit their website at www.q-bank.eu