Reducing the Impact of Non-Native Species in Europe

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Pseudorasbora parva
Pseudorasbora parva

Communication and Training Materials

RINSE has developed a number of different tools to raise awareness of the risks and impacts associated with invasive non-native species and more technical information on management techniques. These include leaflets, posters, Apps, ID guides and more targeted training packages for specific priority audiences, such as farmers and landowners.

The following communication materials were developed through the project and are freely available for download and use. 

Project leaflet - A basic introduction to the aims and objectives of RINSE, available in English, French and Dutch

Invasive species information poster - An attractive and informative set of posters on common invasive non-native species, designed by RINSE partner CPIE Val d'AuthiePosters are available in English and French:

Poster 1 - Aquatic invasive species: English   French

Poster 2 - Terrestrial invasive species: English   French

Poster 3 - Further information: English   French

An invasive species guide for farmers - Information on the identification, impacts and control of six invasive species found on farmland

RINSE have created two presentations which focus on six invasive non-native species commonly found across the farming landscape. These presentations contain detailed information on these six invasive species including:

  • Identification
  • Legislation
  • Management and Control
  • Eradication

These guides aim to offer a better understanding of the problems associated with these species, what your responsibility is and the different ways in which you can control and manage their spread. Please feel free to download our presentations for your own use:

Invasive non-native plants      Invasive non-native animals

Management sheets - Information on the management of six invasive species commonly found on farmland

American mink        Giant hogweed

Grey squirrel            Himalyan balsam

Muntjac deer           Japanese knotweed

Geese identification - A leaflet produced by our partner Inagro on invasive geese, available in Dutch

Family activity booklet - A fun and informative booklet on invasive and native species found in the Broads wetland habitat (UK). Available in English